Shop2wear - They didn't give me my order!

Quincy, Massachusetts 1 comment

I orderes a Mexican National Soccer Jersey from a website, Shop2wear, i had seen which 'had' what I wanted at a cheap price. Not thinking, I bought it thinking I was getting a deal.

When I bought the shirt it had said that shipping would take 7-15 days. I counted that out and found that it would take me to around Columbus day. well, Columbus day passed and I still didn't get my shirt so I started to get mad.

Then, I called them 3 times and emailed them and they never answered.then I checked reviews and found tons of bad reviews. Don't ever buy from Shop2wear



I ordered a jacket and after several emails and phone calls that went to voice mail, I spoke to my bank. I finally got an email back that said I had a refund on my card.

After 2 days, it is not there yet. My bank gave me a different phone # and I got an answer immediately.

The phone # is (408)393-8296. You can go through your bank and dispute the charge.

I won't ever order through them again either.

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